Best Practices


It’s hard to make an offer if you don’t know exactly what you’re getting. That’s why it’s important that the photos you take showcase what you’re selling in the best light – literally.


  • Use clear, well-lit photos of your listing
  • Upload multiple photos that show different angles and important details
  • Make sure your photos show only one item (or a set of items sold as a package for one price)
  • Make sure your listing includes your own photos of what you’re selling (it’s ok to add stock photos as well)


  • Use blurry or dark images where it’s hard to see the item for sale
  • Upload photos with multiple items or a cluttered background where it’s not clear what is for sale or for what price
  • Only include stock photos in your listing
  • Upload photos that are offensive or vulgar
  • Upload photos that only consist of text


We want letgo to be the easiest way to buy and sell locally, and that’s why we built advanced image recognition that titles and sorts what you’re selling, saving you time and effort. We’ve also made it easy to edit titles and add extra information.


  • Try to anticipate buyers’ questions and add those details to your listing to begin with. Is there a model year or garment size that people are likely to ask for? Add that to the title or your listing’s description.


  • Use offensive language
  • Use listings to link to other websites


Whatever you’re selling may be priceless to you, but a reasonable price and a little willingness to negotiate goes a long way with buyers. If you originally bought your headphones new for $200, they'll be a tough resell at $199.


  • Check to see what similar items are selling for and price your item accordingly


  • Set an unrealistic price for your listing
  • Set an artificially low price for your listing (or list it as free) and then ask for more later


Only post your listing once. Our team removes duplicate listings to keep letgo great for everyone. Keep in mind that using the same photo in multiple listings, even if the listings differ, may lead to automatic removal. Instead of uploading a listing multiple times, consider featuring your listing if you want to reach even more buyers.