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2 Kicker 10" Subwoofers, 300 Watt Amp, and Wiring



This deal includes:

2 x Kicker CompS 10" 4 ohm subwoofers (40CWS104)
1 x Kicker CX300.1 300 watt mono amplifier
1 x Kicker CX Bass Knob and wire
1 x Dual 10" Sealed Subwoofer Box
1 x Raptor 4 gauge OFC wiring kit, which includes a 17 foot power wire with an 80 AMP in line mini fuse, 2 foot ground wire, and speaker wire to connect the amplifier to the subwoofers via the push terminals on the left side of the enclosure

These subwoofers are wired in parallel which bring the total resistance of the circuit to around 2 ohms (2.3 - 2.4 when measured by a professional multimeter as Kicker isn't the best company out there when it comes to precision and professional car audio).

These subwoofers were purchased and installed new by a professional audio shop, and I had them in my vehicle for about a year before I upgraded. Therefore the amplifier and subwoofers are used, but are in excellent working condition. There are absolutely no issues whatsoever with the amplifier, and on the subwoofers you can see some physical wear on the ribbing on the surrounds from usage, but there are no issues performance-wise with these subs.

And as for the dimensions of the box, it measures 2' 11" long, 12.75" high, and 12" deep at the bottom, and 9.5" deep at the top, and is quite heavy.

Please also note that this deal does not include RCA cables to connect to the amplifier from your head unit or radio, does not include the remote turn-on/signal wire, and does not include installation.

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Pittsburgh, 15204

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