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20 Office Phones Avaya Business Professional



All of these were working at the time of uninstallation - they were only replaced for an upgraded system.

will sell individually for:
$10 each for the 4412D+ and 4424D+ models
$15 for the 4424LD+ model
$20 for the 4610SW IP model
All for $100 firm (add individual prices and it would be $215)

May need to be connected to existing phone system or need additional hub of sorts to connect all together, though I don't know, as I am not a phone professional. Buyer is responsible for any additional research needed. Sale is final. Some phones are Avaya phones re-branded as Lucent but are exactly the same otherwise.

NOTE: pics may not reflect accurate counts - the numbers listed here are accurate
Sixteen (16) model 4412D+ phones (charcoal/black color)
Two (2) model 4424D+ phones (charcoal/black color)
One (1) model 4424LD+ phone (charcoal/black color)
13 charcoal-colored handsets/cords to match any of the above phones - extras can be ordered or bought separately.

One (1) model 4610SW IP phone (gray color) with matching gray handset & cord

There is one extra model 4424D+ in the picture with a cracked LCD screen - this is not in the 20 count.

Can ship with prior payment of item plus shipping cost through my verified PayPal account.

Thanks for looking! I can meet at a public location within a few miles of my residence in Apopka - I will remove this ad when it is no longer available!

Also, please take a look at my other ads by clicking on my profile...

Have a good day,


6 days ago

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