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AAA/AAAA condition driving range balls

This is the lowest quality type of golf ball I will sell used. Golf balls in this category are either A or AA condition (bad cuts or scuffs which would affect ball flight, economy brands, or so faded they cannot be identified).

In this lot of 63 there are 3 that are faded. A very few are AA quality most are AAA or AAAA (mint) and just economy brand balls good for the driving range not competition.

All balls are washed. Pictures taken of 3 best and 3 worst balls in lot. Top 3 brands in this lot are Noodle, Ultra, and Wilson.

Home Depot 5 gallon bucket included only if paying $5 extra, otherwise sold in Shop Rite plastic bags.

If you are interested in AAA or AAAA competition balls or top tier like Titelist and Bridgestone message me, these top levels are mostly what I sell. This lot was just slightly too nice to throw in trash outright

8 days ago

Lawrence, 08648