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Used Abstract Pouring Painting for sale in Las Vegas

Abstract Pouring Painting
Abstract Pouring Painting

Abstract Pouring Painting

This acrylic pouring paintings is ONE OF A KIND. This unique painting is unable to exactly replicate like another pouring paintings. Size:- 12” x 16” x .75” Perfect for framing Material:- Stretched Gallery canvas, Acrylic paints, water,High Gloss varnish. Colours:- Black, Pink, Violet, Yellow, Blue, White, Parrot Green. This painting does not have any added silicone oil or any other pouring products,But it is naturally beautiful without any cells. The acrylic paints flow easily over the canvas because of pouring medium consistency is not so much thick with water. This beautiful art is sealed with several coats of varnish to make picture more glossy and shiny. I can do individually customised painting with your choice of main colours. Each canvas will come accent and complimentary colours. Depending on base colours, metallic might also be available in base colour as well. If you have preference for base colour or want surprise, let me know! I can also make them based on inspiration something you want, as well as size of canvas you wanted. Painting is something that I’ve always loved doing for my happiness. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. Thank you for viewing!

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Abstract Pouring Painting in Las Vegas

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