All Access
All Access

All Access

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Turn your tv into a GENIUS TV. Give yourself, a friend or family member a gift that keeps on giving. No monthly payments,no more paying for Satellite/Cable/Netflix/Hulu/AmazonTv/redbox, get1,000s of movies,tvshows,cartoons,college/pro sports events, PPV events/Mayweather & UFC Fights/Boxing/WWE, In theater movies live cable channels and much more This will be your best investment of the year. Pick yours up now. One time payment: $75 - on sale today: Basic package. Premium EXTRAS: Ask about my adult package. Ask about my sports package. Ask about my Kids Package.. Do you speak another language, ask about our international Package. I can also program your preowned/Fire stick, PC, Laptop, cell phone, tablet, etc: $40 basic movie/tv show package. You only need wifi and HDMI access on your TV to plug in the stick. I give free demonstrations and provide ***FREE*** customer service. Pick yours up now. Inbox, or call if interested: [PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN] Available 24/7

All Access in Phoenix


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