Baby Einstein Jumper
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Baby Einstein Jumper

1+ month

Used, but in good condition. The underlying data behind Baby Einstein's while marketing shtick turned out to be completely bogus. HOWEVER, my kids loved this jumper! So many smiles and great memories watching my kids learn to stand, turn themselves, and bounce up and down with this activity jumper. Besides, just like the exer-saucer I'm also selling, it was great as a place to put the kids while I did other domestic duties. I never had to worry about them taking a nosedive into the floor or Tarzan-ing around the living room with the blinds cord. BONUS: it may not have had an impact on my child's extra-lingual retention, but I wowed at the watercooler with my ability to count how long it took to fill a dixie cup in three languages (as long as it didn't take longer than three seconds).

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