BMW - 5-Series - 1994
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BMW - 5-Series - 1994

13 days ago
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I bought this car with 60,000 miles on it (I am the third owner), and my family has put 244,600 miles on it. Original engine (6 cylinder) and transmission. This would make a great car for someone that loves cars and enjoys working on them because it has the following items that would need to be fixed: headlights have cracks (although they all work), rear back up light is out (only the left, and it is not a bulb), the check engine light recently came on and the stomp test revealed a code 1221, which is an oxygen sensor (this car has two and I'm not sure which it is), it has some rust, the driver's seat leather is shredded from so many miles, but I have two seat covers that will be included in the sale, there is some rust, the check control warning comes on the dash (my mechanic and I believe it to be bad radio), the headliner on the sunroof is starting to separate, and the air conditioning does not work. Nothing major, but I want any potential buyers to be aware. It has been a great car for us, and I hope it can be a great car for a new owner.

BMW - 5-Series - 1994 in Boonsboro


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