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BMW - 530i - 2001
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BMW - 530i - 2001

4 days ago
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Selling my 2001 BMW 530i with 146K miles clean title. The car has some problems that you would need to fix soon, but still quite driveable. The first thing that needs replacing is the Harness Cable which has caused many errors and issues to pop up, the biggest one being that the transmission has entered failsafe mode, it's not broken and it's not slipping and it doesn't need replacing. The harness cable that leads to the transmission is damaged, so that means the available gears are 4th, Reverse, Neutral and Park. This is why the transmission light is on. The check engine light is on (Error Code P0600 - serial communication link malfunction). There are 4 other codes, each of them for the 4 O2 sensors (P [PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN] 2 & P1135) and idle is a bit rough when cold. This is most probably the harness cable which connects to each of them, but at the same time, i don't know how well they are. This is why the check engine light is on (along with P0600) Serpentine belt was changed 1000 miles ago. New alternator was installed 15K miles ago. All plugs and Coils were changed 2000 miles ago. Few pixels in radio are off. Rest everything works, Amazing AC, all power windows, 2 keys (1 wireless works, other needs battery), Heated front seats, all powered motors of seats, memory seats/side mirrors/steering adjustment, sunroof, battery still strong in dead of winters, spare tire is full tire... you get the jist.

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BMW - 530i - 2001 in Philadelphia


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