Bosch 18” dishwasher
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Bosch 18” dishwasher

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Dishwasher is in outstanding condition. Very very clean. It has 2 racks with sprayer arms on both levels. Stainless steel tub and very quiet. All digitals work. Top rack is adjustable. It has all the same functions as a standard sized DW but in an 18”. It’s perfect for a new apt or renovated apt. Or if you just don’t have enough room for standard size It’s smaller than standard but holds a lot. Washes beautifully. Doesn’t have a heater (so won’t melt your plastics) but has a sanitize button that speeds up drying. Bosch is one of the top rated dishwashers. If you’ve priced 18” DWs you know they typically charge a lot more than standard and Bosch is top quality. It’s being removed on Monday June 24 so if you’re interested in seeing it work please contact me ASAP. After that it will be garaged. Only reason selling it is bc the finish won’t match my other appliances.

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