Bose Bluetooth
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Bose Bluetooth

1+ month

This is a great Bose SoundDock that you can take to the woods, picnics, etc with you. Battery lasts a long time, about 9-10 hours of continuous music with a full charge. Dock swivels to hide for transportation. This is a Bose portable speaker dock with a Bluetooth 30-pin adapter in order to play music from your phone, tablet, whatever has Bluetooth. It also has an auxiliary mini-jack in back. This does have a remote control. This is in perfect condition, no scratches, nice and shiny, and has great sound, lasts for hours and hours. More efficient and higher quality audio reproduction than other battery-powered speakers. Rechargeable Li-ion battery gives more playing time per charge than other types of rechargeables.  Built-in carry handle and rotating dock enable quick and easy transport from place to place Auxiliary input for playing other audio sources, like a portable DVD, CD or other MP3 player.