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I know someone wants some or all of these movies, looking for $1 each but I will bundle, or take them all for $15. I have listed out
The movies below:
Comedy and romance:
I love you Beth Cooper, Charlie Saint cloud, this means war, Talledega nights, hot rod, our idiot brother, modern family season three, blades of glory, Starsky and hutch, double feature deuce Bigelow, longest yard
Alpha dog, Cincinnati, book of Eli, fast and furious, Star Wars Phantom Menace in Star Wars attack of the clones
Joyride, transformers revolution of the fallen, mummy trilogy, million dollar baby, the exorcism of Emily Rose, the haunting in Connecticut, swordfish, two midnight horror collections.
Shrek two, the cat in the hat, loony tunes spotlight collection, reef two.
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Columbus, 43201