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/ Used Eflight p47d thunderbolt in Saint Francis

Eflight p47d thunderbolt



For sale or trade for a working PS4. This electric powered RC goes with 3 lipo batteries, one 3 cell eflight 30c 2200mah, one 3 cell venom 20c 2200mah, one 3 cell venom 50c 2200mah, one venom 2cell-4cell lipo battery charger, one lipo voltage battery tester, one venom low voltage alarm, and one very very abused but sitll functional dx7 remote(get another dx7 ((7 channel minimum)) or higher spectrum rc plane remote). Has full night light kit and working landing gear. Gotta go for 200 to help make ends meet. Pickup preferred. Drop off depends.. NOTE: It is expected that you know how to fly this remote controlled airplane it's not just a toy it can very easily cause injuries and or damage to property if misused.

1+ month

Saint Francis, 04774

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