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FireFly MultiClips

These FireFly Multi clips are amazing and come in many shapes and sizes and out of many materials!!! You can keep, sell or trade with your friends and are a big hit at parties and gatherings!!! You can use them in hair braids, on hats, as sage and incense burners for Tobacco, a memo, pictures, Herbs and tennis shoes
even bikes like the glow butt or glow dot for ease of finding!!!!! There are thousands of creative usrs for each FireFly MultiClip Made!!!!! I do special orders and have many kinds of colors and materials!!!!!! Enjoy This is for a full 12 or 1 dozen all natural raw wooden beads with glow feature!!!!
You can paint stain or decorate each one just as you please so Enjoy!!!!Also for every 12 you get a surprise gift free of charge if you tell all your friends about FireFly!!!!

7 days ago

Inverness, 34452