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Ford - Expedition - 1999

Replaced fuel pump 4-22-17

Use to be our family vehicle till we got older, it became my father's daily driver but due to working two jobs driving from North Chicago and then to Wisconsin it consumes to much gas. I'm looking to either sell it and I will be giving my father my Toyota corolla.

A/c cold
Heater is warm
3rd row seating
towing package
working 4x4

Everything noted has been replaced within the past 3 years:
inner tie rod (recently)
outter tie rod (recently)
adjuster sleeve
pitman arm
idler arm
left front upper control arm with ball joint (recently)
right front upper control arm with ball joint (recently)
left lower ball joint (recently)
right lower ball joint (recently)
left front brake hose (recently)
left front caliper (recently)
front pads and rotors
rear pads and rotors
left rear parking brake cable
left rear trailing arm heavy duty (recently)
right rear trailing arm heavy duty (recently)
alternator (recently)
drive belt
spark plugs
ignition coils
air filter (recently)
front tires

I may be missing something. but no check engine light or any other light.

not perfect it is old but it makes a great work truck or daily as I stated my father drives from Illinois then all the way to Wisconsin for work.

6 days ago

Antioch, 60002