High End 1440p/4K gaming Pc
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High End 1440p/4K gaming Pc


Gaming/streaming pc that I built one week ago. Its never been used beside from going in to the bios and installing windows. this computer can handle all of the newest games at 1080/1440p at max setting with 80+ Fps and some 4k gaming, its really fast since it has a nvme SSD that will boot windows 10 in 15 seconds. No trades, Fixed price will deliver. If you want I can send you the pictures of the Original boxes. Specs: Cpu: Ryzen 5 3600 GPU: Ryzen 5700 sapphire Motherboard: x470 Aorus Ultimate RAM:OLOY Warhawk 16GB 3200hz Power supply: Power spec 650w bronze certified SSD:500 GB Crucial P1 nvme Case: Cooler Master Masterbox td500 rgb WIFI Card:Asus dual-band ac1200 WIFI/Bluetooth. I Will do some requests,like downloading a game or setting up windows for you. Condition: New

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