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Honda - Civic - 1998



Selling my 1998 Honda Civic DX for $800 AS IS. It runs fine, everything is up to date, and I have the title. I've driven it everyday for the last 5 years.

The only problems are the head gasket is most likely blown, the back right door won't open (I never bothered to fix it), and it overheats every once and a while.

I bought it 6 years ago from the original owner with 270k miles on the chassis. Since then I have replaced: the engine, the brake rotors, brake pads, rear drum brakes, brake shoes, rack and pinion, catalytic converter, radiator, all the hoses, exhaust manifold, timing belt, water pump, fuel filter, fuel pump, and I just did an oil change (replacing the oil filter as well), less than 1,000 miles ago.

1+ month

Lancaster, 93536