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Huge Hexbug lot
Huge Hexbug lot

Huge Hexbug lot

This is a huge lot including multiple play sets. Please see photos for to see what’s included and condition. This set is in used but in good working condition. Also included are 8 Hexbug nano V2 bugs. 7 are in great condition, one is missing battery door. See photos for close up. Batteries were just changed in four bugs and 20 new batteries will also be included. There are no pieces outright broken that I have seen. Small stress marks on orange platforms but all tongue and notch connectors are intact. I’m not sure but believe this includes pieces for 4 or 5 play sets, possibly from following sets Hive, Bridge Battle, Hurricane and/or Black Hole, Infinity Loop, and Launch Pad. Again, please see pictures for details. Below is an inventory of what’s included and all pieces listed have been accounted for. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. This is a massive collection that will allow you to build endless configurations. It’s hours and hours of creative fun! What’s included: 66 Connectors total 38 white double 24 white 4 glow in dark 3 orange Funnels Launch Pad 3 orange Elbows Launch Pad 1 orange Battle platform 7 orange platforms 1 white 3-way intersection Launch Pad 6 white curve track 3 straight white track 1 straight gray track (hive?) 1 gray piece 17 clear curve 4 clear elbow 6 clear U pieces 6 clear long straight 2 small clear straight 4 neon green straight 3 long neon orange straight 1 long neon orange straight 2

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Huge Hexbug lot in Arlington

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