Infiniti - Q 50 - 2016
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Infiniti - Q 50 - 2016

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We Say Yes!, I finance everyone!, THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY! JUST AS LONG AS YOU CAN PROVE YOUR INCOME! Even if you have super Bad Credit with 3 Repo's YOUR APPROVED!!! IF YOU HAVE SUPER BAD CREDIT 3,500.00 DELIVERS YOU OFF THE LOT!!! If you have good credit zero down! Bring me a beer, 6 references, 2 most recent paycheck stubs for proof of income, Mail dated within thirty days in your name for proof of residency, If you receive Disability or SSI you will need to bring award letters. And the ability to Fog up a mirror and your APPROVED! Drive off the lot today in this 2016 Infinity Q50 Premium Low miles 21,714 List Price 22,800 For Spanish: Para hablar en espanol por favor su numero de telefono de texto, Gracias. For English: contact J.R today for more details and drive off the lot today with no HASSLE!, And when you come see me don't forget the beer!, LOL

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