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Jeep - Grand Cherokee - 2000



Mechanic special. The Jeep has a new alternator, water pump, radiator. Still needs work. Battery won't hold a charge for some reason and don't know the cause. Inside is clean throughout. Inspection is good until July 2019.

Jeep has 170,000+ miles. I unfortunately don't have the time to keep working on the Jeep. My loss is your gain.

With the snow storm that just passed, the Jeep is surrounded by heavy snow. But it can be dug out.

Update: Tried to start it for someone that came to look at it and the engine wouldn't turn over. It was fine when I drove it until December in which I was given a company car. I'm not a mechanic so I don't know why it's not turning over. It could be something simple but it could be something difficult.

I'm taking first person, cash in hand. Don't delay!

3 days ago

Dunellen, 08812

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