Peel & Stick EMF Protection Shield | Free Shipping
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Peel & Stick EMF Protection Shield | Free Shipping

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Peel it off and stick it to the back of your smartphone for protection against electro-magnetic waves derived from electronic devices. Why is protection needed? With more exposure to technology, we are targets of radiation waves from our cellphones, laptops, routers and other equipment which causes health issues in the long term especially for kids. What does this sticker do? The EMF Shield Sticker absorbs up to 99% of the electromagnetic waves so that your entire body is protected. Also, the EMF Shield Sticker serves as an energy saver to help your battery stay charged longer as well as reduce the charging time (testing in progress for accurate data). How do we know this works? We have sampled multiple EMF protection devices and settle with this one for a few reasons: *Ease of use: Just Peel & Stick *Ease of transfer: just remove the same sticker and stick it on your new device. The strong adhesive ensures that it sticks as good as new. *High Performance Scalar Energy EMF Shields have been introduced in Japan for quite some time and are now becoming a must-have item for their effectiveness. Pick up locally at our office/shop in Reston by the Wiehle Metro Station or Use code "EMFProtects" for fast free shipping at checkout online at #1stopconnect #phones #tablets #gadgets #laptops #repairs

Peel & Stick EMF Protection Shield | Free Shipping in Reston


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