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Ridge Wallets! One Black, One Grey w/o money clip


I have two Ridge Wallets for sale (https://www.ridgewallet.com). Both are made of annodized aluminum. One of them is missing it's money clip due to me stepping on it. In an example of superb customer service, they sent another one out, no questions asked. The company has since redesigned their money clips to enhance durability, though this design version is by no means fragile. While they are great wallets, I found that a Bi-Fold style was more my taste, and thus have no use for these. The one with the broken money clip is Gunmetal Grey, and is ideally suited to someone who doesn't carry cash with them (it is now even slimmer than designed, and the rivets have been filed down to remove sharp edges). I'm offering it for $25, as opposed to the non-broken one at $45. I see no reason why they wouldn't honor their warranty if something happens in the future, but I offer no guarantee. Feel free to message me with questions!

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