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Ringo rare 45's



Am selling these two rare singles for the giveaway price of only $5. They are worth much more. Selling my Last one hundred 45's.
I really am a nice guy, but have been thrown into a very shaky position. Imagine what you would do if your income had been cut in half an having to deal with multiple medical conditions. I am having to choose between health or survival. So I have no choice, but to deal with this 8 days a week.
I updated the sales lists again a couple of days ago an it is much easier to go through, than the numerous posts. Also have a sales video on my YouTube channel. Please only contact me if you are interested in purchasing one or more of the hundreds of items that i am having to sell!! People only saying they are interested doesn't help my dilemma. I can send you the latest sales lists by email. Have PayPal for those who live to far away. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you can think of an easier way for me to get the miracle an get the items sold, let me know. If you can help me out, will be greatly appreciated!!

4 days ago

Phoenix, 85022