Texas Wedge R-61, 61 Degree Loft Lob Wedge
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Texas Wedge R-61, 61 Degree Loft Lob Wedge

18 days ago

Ben Hogan popularized the term “Texas Wedge”. If you’re familiar with the term you know it doesn’t involve a wedge at all. It’s actually a shot played with a putter from off the green when a standard chip or pitch shot is too difficult or risky. I’m reasonably sure this Texas Wedge has considerable age on it (like me), but it’s is very good condition (unlike me) and still has many more years of use in it (?). It’s a 61 degree loft lob wedge. Why 61 degrees? I don’t know. Most lob wedges have 60 degrees loft, with the exception of a few 64 degree loft lob wedges. Being a Texas Wedge, maybe it has to be one-up on most all other lob wedges. It has a steel that’s in excellent condition (no pitting, rust, etc.). The shaft does not have a label so I don’t know the shafts make, model or flex. This doesn’t really matter since a lob wedge is generally only used for short shots around the greens. It has a Lamkin Cross Line grip that’s in excellent / like-new condition. If you’re from Texas and/or you’re proud to live in Texas, this Texas Wedge would be a great addition to your golf bag for the low price of $30.

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Texas Wedge R-61, 61 Degree Loft Lob Wedge in Houston


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