Tickle Me Elmo (Rare Collectible)
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Tickle Me Elmo (Rare Collectible)

20 days ago

EXCELLENT condition incl box. This is the 1996-97 Original. Surprisingly it STILL works! Never been removed from container. At one point long ago, it was the most Popular children's doll & most collectible. (Then along comes the internet to bust that bubble!!) Some markets & ppl were selling them 1000 on up. Sounds like scalpers! Sry Not sure what my price is. Collectors or Researchers I hope will have an idea. One thing I learned, it's also about the Container that holds the item that increases the value. Who knew! Thanks for dropping by. Any serious questions, hit me up or if you have an Offer.

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Tickle Me Elmo (Rare Collectible) in Elizabethtown


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