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Used Vintage Posture Rest "Massage-Chair" in Austin

Vintage Posture Rest "Massage-Chair"
Vintage Posture Rest "Massage-Chair"

Vintage Posture Rest "Massage-Chair"

Vintage Posture Rest "Massage -Chair" for sale. This blast from the past is good for both the collector and the quirky. Motorized center hub moves the center "seat" from side to side & is said to loosen stiff back joints through vibration. Each end section has two legs for adjustable height/tilt action. Single on off switch means ease of operation. Center motor box/seat 18in W x 21in L x 16.5in H. Each end section 20in W x 34in L x 15in H. Assembled total length 87in. There's really not much info on these dinosaurs of "excercise", but the ones you can find are around $100. Obviously, there has been some tolex/upholstery wear & discoloring, so we're gonna ask for $50. Feel free to make an offer. This thing is a relic and pretty frickin cool. Come pick it up & get loose.

6 days ago

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Vintage Posture Rest "Massage-Chair" in Austin

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