Volvo - XC70 - 1999
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Volvo - XC70 - 1999

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hate to cause I enjoy the car, I'm selling my 1999 Volvo V70XC with 166,025 miles on it. In the past 8,000 miles the following parts have been replaced, updated ETM, timing belt water pump and idler kit done, serpentine belt, tensioner, spark plugs, air filter, oil change (oil and filter done 300 miles ago), tires, brake pads, calipers, rotors, and brake hoses, o2 sensors, catalytic converter, turbo oil drain tube seal, and gasket, outter tie rods, coolant change, expansion tank and cap/ low coolant sensor, battery (couple weeks old), ABS module and probably more I'm forgetting. Car runs decent, check engine light is on. (Not sure why) trans shifts well. The AWD needs work the drive shaft is currently out but I do have it. (Needs to be rebuilt) and the angle gear needs attention. The biggest reason I quit driving it is the rack leaks like a sieve. However I did purchase a seal kit for the rack and the pump was never Ran dry. It's a work in progress

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Volvo - XC70 - 1999 in Beltsville


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