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Washer spin dry combo small apartment washer

Your clothes will be cleaner than ever before! Condensed load sizes – 8 pounds per wash and 5 pounds per spin – coupled with the powerful but quiet 13000 RPM motor ensure that your clothes are thoroughly washed, rinsed, and spun.

Good for rv, tiny home, camping, and small apartments with no washer hookups.

We bought in April. And now we are moving so we no longer need it. Still going strong.
If the dryer ever isnt spining it just neds to drum slightly moved back and forth the spin way and soray with some water and it works great. We have the original stuff it came with including booklet.

Including with it the floating lint trap we bought and had to fix. You can get another one for little money. So it isnt a problem. I attached it to the side so it wouldnt go under to far under.

7 days ago

Niceville, 32578