Used and new textile in Bakersfield

925 Silver chain Bakersfield, 93309
Cheetah slippers  Pumpkin Center, 93313
14K gold filled Bakersfield, 93309
Samsung galaxy s7  Bakersfield, 93309
Wall plaque Bakersfield, 93301
Crib sheets Bakersfield, 93308
Owlet baby monitor smart sock 2  Bakersfield, 93308
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black and blue floral print textile Bakersfield, 93304
red and black floral textile Bakersfield, 93304
Paris Hilton only use few times still full Bakersfield, 93306
white, blue, and green textile Arvin, 93203
2 GRANDE!!!! Bakersfield, 93311
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long sleeve red white playboi long sleeve  Bakersfield, 93311
Tube top Bakersfield, 93304
Dress with pockets(purple) Bakersfield, 93304
Super cute wallet!!! New Bakersfield, 93306
Sofa Bakersfield, 93308
Women's boots Bakersfield, 93311
black and white floral textile Bakersfield, 93309
Throws $4 each Bakersfield, 93307
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black and white zebra print textile Bakersfield, 93307
Skinny jeans  Taft, 93268
HK ump 45 Bakersfield, 93305
Hand Brace Bakersfield, 93305
Pjamas Bakersfield, 93309
Weather tech  Lamont, 93241