Used Fashion and Accessories in North Dakota

G.I. Joe work wear Center, 58530
Miss me jeans sz 27 Turtle Lake, 58575
Miss me shorts sz28 Turtle Lake, 58575
lee Jean's girls size 12 Underwood, 58576
Saffireire and diamond flower antique design Washburn, 58577
Beautiful saffire diamond mix ring Washburn, 58577
gold bezzled Citrine pendant Center, 58530
two silver-colored and blue gemstone earrings Garrison, 58540
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black and white beaded necklace Garrison, 58540
silver and purple beaded bracelet Garrison, 58540
silver-colored chain necklace Garrison, 58540
two silver-colored and green gemstone earrings Garrison, 58540
gold and green gemstone ring Garrison, 58540
blue-washed denim jeans Washburn, 58577
blue denim distressed denim jeans Washburn, 58577
blue denim distressed denim jeans Washburn, 58577
blue denim straight-cut jeans Washburn, 58577
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blue denim short shorts screenshot Washburn, 58577
Prom Dress size 16 or more Max, 58759
lane Bryant Jean 22 slim Petite New Underwood, 58576
NWT BCBG dress North Dakota
pair of black-and-green Nike cleats North Dakota
Burlap Silverware Holder Voltaire, 58792
gray Outback zip-up suede jacket Washburn, 58577
Small zebra print multi color glimmer purse Underwood, 58576
Liz &co dark brown leather purse Underwood, 58576
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black tote bag Underwood, 58576
Flannel sheets Underwood, 58576
Cowgirl slippers Washburn, 58577
Pittsburgh Steelers toddler sweat suit  Max, 58759
white elephant pendant Max

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